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This case study explains how Bufo Technology provides a scalable service to help the developers and future owners of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant manage the deployment of the project and prepare for subsequent operations.

When working as Owner’s Engineers we add to the skillset of the owner’s team byincreasing the technical skill level.  We focus on deploying key subject matter experts to this extent.  We don’t aim to duplicate the work of the EPC/EPCM contractors or to make them do things our way, instead we focus on making sure the project is a success both in construction as well as operation by paying attention to the interfaces between the hardware as well as other parts of the project.

For this project Bufo Technology provided the following scope.
· Assistance with initial feasibility and pre-feasibility work.
· Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to provide an initial power plant design
· Defining the EPC specification
· Completion of an initial cost estimate.
· Completion of a design review on the EPC’s design.
· Limited construction oversight
· Start-up and testing oversight
Date - 01 Jan 2011
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Date - 01 May 2011
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This list shows the type of work that would typically be performed as part of any Owner’s Engineer Service.  A more detailed description of some of the items follows below.

Defining the EPC specification

Bufo Technology and its partners generated the specification that will be used as part of the documents used to contract and control the EPC.  Typically, this specification controls the highest level plant parameters and provides a basis to which the client could contract the EPC and controls their performance.  This specification formed part of the contract package for the FIDIC contract used to contract and manage the execution of the project.

Typical items that this specification addresses are:

· The establishment of the highest level definition of the plant, including
- Solar Panels
- Lines per string, total voltage and current requirements
- Combination of strings (combiners)
- Use of DC/DC voltage converters at combiner string inputs
- Inverter selection parameters
- Plant layout requirements
· The establishment of a verifiable performance specification for the plant.

We will also complete a review of the design proposed by the EPC.  We will verify that the design is complete and suitable. Additionally, we will verify that key optimisations affecting plant performance have been completed satisfactorily and that operational experience has been included in the design.

Limited construction oversight

We independently ensure that construction standards specified are being followed and that the quality of the construction is satisfactory. This would be completed by limited surveillance of the construction.

Start-up and testing oversight

We provide oversight of the start-up and performance testing of the plant including a review of test plans and procedures.

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