Bufo technology fields an experienced team of professional staff and associates.  This team is committed to being leaders in their fields, applying not only excellent technical knowledge but also sound professional judgement and maintaining a sound set of principles. 
Some of our key people are described on this page.
Mark Mitchell
Steve Mitchell


Mark has roughly 15years of experience in mechanical engineering, with the majority of the time working in the nuclear field.

He graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  He started out his career in defence and aerospace before moving into nuclear after he joined the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Project

(PBMR) team in 1999.

In his career at PBMR, he has worked in many roles.  His major contributions to the project were acting as the technical lead for Core Structure Ceramics and finally taking the technical lead for the design of the entire Reactor System.

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This involvement in PBMR provided him with exposure to the design process of HTGR and SMR systems, from the conceptual design of the plant to the detailed design of individual components.

Much of this experience is directly transferrable to other reactor systems.

Key experience includes the licensing and regulatory compliance of reactor designs, selection and development of codes and standards, derivation of plant, system and component level requirements and design of systems and component to meet these requirements.

Mark is also a volunteer in the ASME code and standards development organization, specifically serving on the BPV Committee on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components (III).



Dr Steve Mitchell brings nearly 40 years of experience in research and project management into the sustainable management of natural aquatic systems.

This includes a number of topics which affect aquatic ecosystem management at levels ranging from policy coordination between departments and

conservation planning for river systems to the development of tools and guidelines for effective and sustainable management of natural resources.

In particular, the determination and implementation of environmental water requirements (both quality and quantity) in a political climate where development of the water resource is recognized as the basis for wealth creation and employment generation and is considered a priority.  In the exploitation of natural resources, commercial fisheries in particular, he has experience in working with both commercial and artisanal operations.

His experience includes facilitation of stakeholder participation.  He brings a range of experience in building local capacity for water resource management.  This ranges from being the manager for a UNESCO-funded program to build capacity in the SADC (mainly South Africa) for aspects of river basin management to serving on the Boards of SADC-wide and South African organizations building capacity in research and water supply and sanitation.   He is a Past President and Senior Fellow of the Water Institute of Southern Africa.

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