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In the energy sector we provide services to nuclear power, fossil power, renewable energy and process industries.  We offer services both linked to or independent of construction activities. 

We provide independent consulting services that are not associated with any specific technology to the owners or potential owners of electricity generation and liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure equipment.   Our services are available to support our clients throughout the lifecycle of their facilities, from early in the project development phase, through construction, operation, power upgrades and compliance to changes in regulatory requirements (such as emissions).

Energy applications
Energy plant applications that Bufo Technology delivers services in are:

· Nuclear Energy
Design and assessment of nuclear power plant (NPP) systems, structures and components. Specific experience in small module reactors (SMR).Our team has a lot of experience in high temperature gas cooled reactors (HTGR) as many of us worked on the Pebble Bed Modular reactor (PBMR) project.
Date - 01 Jan 2011
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Date - 01 May 2011
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Owner's Engineering (OE)...(read more)
· Liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure
· Petrochemical and petroleuminfrastrucutre
· Fossil fired power plants
  Alternative  / Renewable Energy:
- Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
- Biodiesel
- Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
- Geothermal
- Wind power
· Gas turbine
Both open cycle and closed cycle (OCGT and CCGT). We also have experience in cogeneration – using Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG).

Development of new projects
We offer assistance with the development of projects. We will complete front-end engineering which consists of the completion of conceptual designs, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, including the production of a bankable feasibility study.  We will also give input to aid the completion of project economic and financial analyses.  We assist in the design of project financing options and the development and optimisation of project business cases.  We will also on completion of economic calculations such as Levelised Energy Cost LEC / LCOE and Net present value calculations. We can assist in site selection and evaluation.

Owner's Engineering – construction of new generation capacity
Owner’s Engineering (OE) or Independent Project Engineering (IPE) services that we offer to support construction:

· EPC/EPCM Contracting  and procurement support
This is primarily focused on the definition of the contract or tender package. It includes the contract scope or work’s information definition, and definition of the EPC specification.

We give contracting support, using either in-house contract forms or standard form construction contracts (SFCC) such as the NEC and FIDIC suites.
· EPC contract or tender review
We offer support our clients in evaluating EPC responses, not only for price, but also to assess other aspects such as schedule, performance guarantees, warranties and past performance.

We perform bottom-up cost estimates.  We generate system cost estimates to inform the assessments of EPC offers or tender responses.   This would typically address the costs of the major components and include limited benchmarking to ensure that the costs are sound.
· Oversight of construction and testing
We review the contractors’ engineering data and supply specifications.  We also verify site activities such as construction and installation.

We work to ensure the success of the project by paying special attention to integration of the project at its interfaces, including the interfaces of the work between the disciplines. We can manage the project and control the project execution.
· Oversight of verification and testing activities
This includes commissioning, pre-completion testing, start-up, and test on completion as well as support during initial operation.

Operational support
We support our client’s in operating their assets.

· Improvement of plant performance by improving reliability, availability and heat rate / efficiency.
· Assessment of alternative fuelling strategies for fossil fired power plants.
· Power uprates.
· Condition monitoring and maintenance assessments.
· Upgrades to or replacement of plant equipment
· Modification to plant to support operation under stricter emissions criteria.

Energy systems design
We offer energy systems design services, including:

· Design and optimisation of energy systems 
· Assessment of energy system performance
· Cycle analysis and thermal performance calculations
· Systems and component design
· Emissions control – NOx, SOx and Mercury (Hg)
· General process engineering assessments

Assessment and analysis
We provide assessments of generation related investment opportunities, including:

· Execution of technical due diligence and risk assessments
· Evaluations of plant performance
· Evaluation of transactions
· Completion of root cause and failure analysis
· Local content and localization assessments

Regulatory and licensing support
We assist our clients with licensing and permitting support.  Through:

· Design for safety.
· Application of standards and compliance to standards. 
· Establishment and control of the design basis for the plants.

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