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Bufo Technology’s consulting mechanical engineers offer services in the design of energy plants as well as general mechanical/machine design, structural engineering and product development services.  Specific areas of focus are:

· Energy plant equipment design and support
Typical energy plant equipment includes: pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, piping, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), re-boilers, and condensers.
This design of component scan be completed from first principles or using a variety of standards such as the
- American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel code,
- ASME piping codes (B31),
- British Standards (BS),
- American Petroleum Institute (API), and
- The local South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).  
Designs can be certified as necessary.
· Mechanical engineering and machine design and product development
We offer general mechanical design services.  Our engineers can generate mechanical designs to meet our client’s needs. 
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Date - 01 May 2011
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Owner's Engineering (OE)...(read more)
  Our engineers are practiced in solving complex problems working from first principles.
Typically as part of a design project we will:
- Develop the design specification
- Complete a detailed design and produce a design data pack comprising the necessary shop and field drawings (using our CAD system Pro/Engineer).
- Issue a design report supported by calculation and analysis reports where necessary.
- Oversee manufacture of prototypes or demonstration units.
- Oversee testing and qualification of the prototype units
- Assist with production and deployment of production models.
  It is very important to us that our design of the components is optimal.
· Engineering software development and support
Our engineers are experienced in the development of engineering software and we will often use these skills when solving our client’s problems.  This service is available to our clients if they need support when solving specific problems.  Generally we focus on the development of algorithms (computer codes)to solve engineering problems or simulate the performance of equipment and systems in operation.
· Finite element analysis (static /dynamic / nonlinear)
As part of our assessments, we often employ Finite Element Analysis.  Our primary tool for this is ANSYS.  We complete both linear and non-linear analyses of problems involving structural response (stress, strain), thermal response (temperature, heat) and the interaction between thermal and structural response (thermal strain).  These analyses are completed to examine both the static and dynamic (such as vibration) responses of the system and its components.
· Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation racking,mounting, and tracking systems
One of our key focus areas is introducing efficient, low cost, South African manufactured racking and mounting systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) plant.   This involves a holistic approach to the problem, aimed at reducing the total system CAPEX through the reduction of balance of system costs.  This work is completed to support our energy business focus area.

We have also developed tracking systems for some of our clients where special requirements make the application of tracked solar photovoltaic (PV) desirable for economic or other reasons.
· Support in development of codes and standards, regulatory interactions and material qualification
The team is experienced and continually provides input and executes work in the development of codes and standards.  We supportthe client’s regulatory interactions. We also perform  development and execution of material qualification activities.

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