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Bufo Technology offers a selection of technical documentation services to assist its clients in enhancing their products and services.  Some of our services are:

· Copy-editing
Copy-editing improves the quality and readability of a document. The copy-editor will:
- correct errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation,
- ensure that terminology, abbreviations and spelling have been used consistently,
- ensure that the document’s formatting (italics, hyphenation, numbers, engineering units, etc.) is consistent and in accordance with a suitable style guide,
- ensure that the document is logically consistent,
- make sure that the information in the document is clear and concise,
- eliminate unnecessary repetition and
- simplify the language used where necessary.
Copy-editing can be done on a hard copy of the document or electronically.
Date - 01 Jan 2011
Field Study of effectiveness of mycoinsecticide bait for termite control...(read more)

Date - 01 May 2011
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Owner's Engineering (OE)...(read more)


Once a document has been edited for clarity and style, and all the necessary changes have been made, a copy of the document will be proofread to ensure no errors remain in the document before printing.
· Technical Writing
Instead of engineers generating technical documentation (manuals, guides, proposals etc.), our skilled writers can do this for them. 
The writer will:
· Plain English and Simplified Technical English Standards
Clear and readable documents are crucial for effective communication.  Complex documents can be rewritten in Plain English which makes the documents clearer to readers. A document in Plain English is also much simpler to translate.  This saves costs if the product will be used in international markets.

Documents can also be written in compliance with the formal standard for Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100). This standard is widely used by the aerospace industry to ensure that the technical documentation provided for the support of the aircraft and its systems is useable and clearly understood by its users throughout the world.

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